1 Pcs Wireless Sport Bluetooth Earbud

  • 1 Pcs Mini Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Earbud.
  • Truly wireless earbud adopting state of the art acoustic components which eliminate noise and echo. The bass is full, Mids are articulate, Highs are sparkling, and the soundstage is wide. You can enjoy music without cable, the best wireless earbud sound. Built-in mic with voice notification of incoming calls. Ideal for car calling and friends chatting, sporting, or working use.
  • CVC technology help reduce background noise significantly. To enjoy clear music and easy communication. With state of the art acoustic components that produce incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble.
  • Built-in charging case 500mAh, enjoy about up to 4 hours of premium quality Talk/Playtime, up to 120 hours standby time, charging time is about 1 hour. Never worry about low battery when you are the outside all day.
  • The unique true wireless craftsmanship ensures you will be able to share the tune with your loved ones. Featuring ergonomic-shaped earplug, the earbud offers comfort and flexibility. This earpiece will never slide out from your ear even when you are running or dancing. 3 sizes of ear caps included, suitable for all types of ear.

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