Windows 7 Installation Guide

Note: Please BACKUP any valuable documents/images etc before performing any of the following!

1. Download your required version of Windows 7 Pro from our links:

Once downloaded, you will have to burn the .ISO file to a blank DVD or a USB flash drive, greater than 4GB.

If you wish to burn to a DVD, please use the tool below:

Windows 7 DVD.exe

If you wish to burn to a USB stick, please use the tool below:
ISO to USB.exe

2. Once completed, restart your machine and change the boot sequence so that the machine starts from the DVD/USB device. On most computers, to enter the boot menu, you press F12 when the computer starts. Alternatively, you can enter the BIOS (normally F2) and change the boot sequence from within.

Please note that all computers are different and these keys (F2/F12) may vary. If you do not know how to do this or are not familiar with the process, check this link:

3. Load in your Windows 7 DVD and boot it. It will now load the setup files.

Select your language, time & currency format, keyboard or input method and click Next.
Click Install now.
Check I accept the license terms and click Next.

4. Click Upgrade if you already have a previous Windows version or Custom (advanced) if you don't have a previous Windows version or want to install a fresh copy of Windows 7. (Skip this step if you chose Upgrade and have only one partition)

5. Select the drive where you want to install Windows 7 and click Next. If you want to make any partitions, click Drive options (advanced), make the partitions and then click Next.

It will now start installing Windows 7. The first step, (i.e. Copying Windows files) was already done when you booted the Windows 7 DVD so it will complete instantly.

6. After completing the first step, it will expand (decompress) the files that it had copied.
The third and fourth steps will also complete instantly like the first step.
After that, it will automatically restart after 15 seconds and continue the setup. You can also click Restart now to restart without any delays.

7. After restarting for the first time, it will continue the setup. This is the last step so it will take the most time than the previous steps. It will now automatically restart again and continue the setup. You can click Restart now to restart without any delays.

8. Type your desired user name in the text-box and click Next. It will automatically fill up the computer name.
If you want to set a password, type it in the text-boxes and click Next.

9. Type your product key in the text-box and click Next. You can also skip this step and simply click Next if you want to type the product key later. Windows will run only for 30 days if you do that.

10. Select your desired option for Windows Updates (If you are having issues with windows updates, please check the below link)
Handy links to repair Windows Updates:

11. Select your time and click Next.
If you are connected to any network, it will ask you to set the network's location.

Please bear in mind that inserting the product key during installation IS NOT ACTIVATING. To activate your product you have to go to CONTROL PANEL – SYSTEM AND SECURITY -- SYSTEM and click on CHANGE PRODUCT KEY, and finally introducing the License key purchased from us to activate.
If you get an error that says that you will need to activate using the automated phone system, please do so as some licenses are only activated via Phone system. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Any questions/problems please get in touch
Thank you for your purchase.