UT Massage Gun | 3 Powerful Vibration Speeds & 6 Attachments | Athletes, Muscle Soreness Recovery, Back Stiffness, Deep Tissue Therapy | Percussion, Handheld, Cordless

  • Unmatched Power The Flyby F1Pro clocks in at 45dB which is as QUIET AS A REFRIGERATOR HUM.
  • Lightweight & Portable FITS PERFECTLY IN ALL HAND SIZES and WEIGHS 1.8 LBS.
  • Extended Battery Life The Flyby F1Pro runs for 4+ HOURS PER CHARGE. Our 26V battery gives it EXTRA LIFE AND EXTRA POWER.
  • 3 Speeds & 6 Attachments Equipped with 3 speeds and 6 attachments for every use, this is the most comprehensive solution for deep muscle work, accelerated warm-up and recovery, and pain relief.
  • 1 Year Warranty The Flyby F1Pro is built to last. Were so confident in the Flyby F1Pros construction that we offer a 1-year warranty.

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