Unique Smart 15w QI stand Wireless Car Charger Holder

1. The surrounding electroplating area is equipped with touch sensing function, touch opening and closing charging, magnetic induction;
2. 40000 cycles life;
3. The temperature sensor control is more sensitive than the general inferior products without patent;
4. Use silica gel pad to prevent the mobile phone from being scratched, and protect your mobile phone;
5. Micro input, efficient charging, support 15W 10W 7.5W 5W wireless charging;
6. Wireless induction charging, supporting mobile phone charging with wireless charging function;
7. The surface is made of electroplating + leather technology, which refuses to be cheap and improves the luxury configuration of the car;
8. At the bottom is a retractable bracket, which can freely choose the height of the mobile phone;
9. LED indicator light, always control the charging state.

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