Type C to USB 3.0 OTG Connector and Micro USB Male to USB OTG Adapter 2 in 1 USB 3.0 Connector

  • Unique OTG allows your device to act as a host for other USB devices like keyboards, USB cable, printer, hub, mouse, digital camera, USB flash drive, external storage, micro SD card reader, and other USB devices. work more efficiently
  • USB??3.0??super??speed??data??transfer??up??to??5Gbps,??Transfer??files,??HD??movies, and??songs??to??your??USB-C??devices??in??seconds. Including video and audio transfer.
  • Compatible??with??all??USB??C??and Micro USB devices
  • Built in OTG function, and it is easy to connect any peripherals with USB A port for Type-C and micro USB device
  • Charge??your??phone,??or??any??other??standard??USB??device??while??you??work??and??transfer??data??at??USB??3.0??SuperSpeed,??which??supports??up??to??5Gbps

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